Graphire tablet

Hello all,

I’m trying out synfig and have a problem when using the graphire 4 tablet on win xp.
The cursor is not in synch with the black arrows on the top and side bars that track
the mouse in the canvas window. When I draw circles, rectangles or blines they are
drawn offset of the mouse cursor but correctly off the black arrows.
The cursor dose not move at the same rate as the arrows, the cursor has more travel
and will pass the arrows.
When I use a wired mouse then it functions correctly so it’s a wierd tablet thing.
Is there a fix for this? I haven’t had any problems in other programs just synfig.


That sounds like this bug: … _id=144022

Please add some information to the bug report:

Which version are you using? Are you able to try the latest SVN? Does the GIMP work with it? Does it work with synfig in Linux?

Thanks for the reply.
After playing around with it some more I found that the stylus works correctly and
in order for me to get the mouse to work I needed to change the settings in the tablet
software that controls how the mouse and stylus interacts with the os and other software.
I had forgotten that I had the same problem in gimp, the way the mouse and stylus interacts
with gimp and synfig is pretty much the same.
So the good news is it’s not a bug in synfig, just one of my goofs :blush: .

Thanks again,

Could you tell us what you had to do to get it to work? I’d like to close the bug and document the problem in the FAQ. Actually, perhaps you could edit the FAQ?

I have updated the FAQ describing the problem and the solution.
I’m using the Wacom Graphire 4 and I don’t know if it will help others using a different tablet.
If people using different brands and have the same or similar problems could update
the FAQ to make it more universal for everyone that would be great.
Synfig, Gimp and Inscape all have the same problem with the same solution, not
all graphics programs have the problem though.
Does GTK handle mouse events? maybe this has something to do with it?
My programming skills never really made it past basic.
Hope this helps.


Same ‘problem’ described here - viewtopic.php?f=12&t=67

Thanks Allan!

Yeah, GTK is handling mouse events and passing them on to synfigstudio. Synfig/Inkscape/Gimp all use GTK too, so maybe that is it. Do you have this issue in any other programs?

I only noticed the problem in synfig, gimp and inkscape so far.
I play with Ubuntu Studio a little with no problems with these programs.
Seems like Ubuntu may only use the absolute positioning in the os and only
allow the programs to use that method.
I don’t know about the other flavers of linux.