Graphical distortions in animated GIF

Hi! Please help! Why does my animated gif have all this graphical ‘noise’. When I export the animation into individual PNG images they all look fine, but the GIF has 3 different kinds of distortion in it. 1. There are lots of white dots coming from the ‘flying thumb’. 2. The little thumb at the bottom flashes from blue to white. 3. There is a faint white flashing in the bottom left hand area sometimes. I am rendering with quality setting 1 and at 25 frames per second. I have tried rendering at 10 fps but the noise is still there.

Thanks so much for any help offered!


finished.sifz (2.95 KB)

Synfig always gave me glitchy animated gifs too. It’s not the programs strongest point. Just render your animation as png’s and use another application to turn them into an animated gif. I use Gifapp 1.3 for that.


Thanks very much for your help. I will download that and try it. I did try to do that already with GIMP but it just doesn’t seem to render it at the proper speed (and I do remove any delays between the frames). I guess it isn’t possible to make it at 25fps with GIMP even though it gave me a preview of my animation at the right speed.
Thank you!

Ok I’ve just read another post about how some browsers will automatically put in their own delays between frames when the specified delay is too low. So I’ve adjusted the GIMP settings and all is well! RESULT!

Try to use Magick++ as target when rendering to gif format. Do not use built in gif format.

I am a Windows user. Can you point me to the right thread where it explains what I do to use Magick++? I can’t see it as a render option in the latest version of Synfig for Windows.

Thanks for your reply G.

I’m sorry but Magick++ is not installed in the latest stable windows build.