Gradient fade to alpha 0

I’ve only been playing with Synfig for a couple days, but I’ve read a bunch and haven’t seen this anywhere.

When dealing with gradients in open areas fade your gradients to zero alpha to keep it from overwriting its surroundings.

Here’s a black rectangle and two gradient curves. Nothing has been done to constrain the gradients from overflowing, except for the addition of the transparent areas within the gradient.

Good tip for newbies!

That’s brilliant. Maybe we should make that the default…

Like I said, I hadn’t seen this documented anywhere. So I’ve stuck it into the wiki!

Being my first ever wiki edit, I’m not really happy with it at all. I would be much more comfortable if one of you old timers played with it a bit. Maybe added some kind of format, and stomped my verbology into compliance.

Wasn’t sure where it belonged so I stuck it here…

Neat trick ideed!
And I think the wiki entry looks good also.

That’s a way better solution… (my way was to use onto blend mode and put a region or bline underneath)

Your wiki-edit is fine