Gradient Editor - Interpolation between color stops

that would be definitely awesome for Gradient Editor inside Synfig Studio, Blender have this option for the gradients on the ‘Color Ramp’ for materials and works pretty good for sharp gradients (actually better than my current method of have twice the number of colors i need for a sharp effect), also if applied in the future this idea, a ‘peer stop’ interpolation mode for every Cpoint would be even more fantastic, some examples:

Linear Interpolation (which i think is the current one of Synfig for gradients):

The Constant Interpolation which is more than useful when working with pixelated graphics like i have been doing lately.

Ease Interpolation for really soft gradients:

Even more smooth gradients with B-Spline:

This shots are from Blender’s Ramp gradient editor, the result is very good in screen, so i think it would be really wonderful for Synfig too.

Something like this would be amazing! I hope it gets developed.

In fact you can simulate constant interpolation by adding a color stop of the start color near to the next color : A ----- AB---------BC---------D

I have done a little drafty doky : … Color_Stop

Awesome! Is there any way to easily repliicate the others?

I’ll add this feature request to the bug tracker if it isn’t already there.