Gradient created in Synfig blinking in animations

I created my first cartoon using Synfig:

I liked the program but it has some problems with the colors. They blink in some scenes.

Example in this video at 1:25 the sky, next to the grass, is flashing color.

In the scene at 2:18 the gradient of the sky also flashes.

In other scenes I had to change the Synfig color gradient to a PNG image.

Please, has anyone had this error and knows how to solve it?

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Hi and Welcome here :slight_smile:
Very good job!
I see what you mean about the gradients, this is a lot obvious when the characters jump out of the water.

Which version did you use?
Produced directly as a video or as a series of PNG ?

See also

This is very Nice. It makes me remember the inkscape animated short film Here

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Hi Bob, Iā€™m using version 1.4.4. Only the characters are PNG and the sky in the scene that are running down the hill, all other objects are created in Synfig or Inkscape. In the scene where a character rolls down a hill I put a png image as the sky because the image blinked a lot. I noticed that whenever I create a gradient image in Synfig and there is a lot of movement on the screen, the image that has a gradient keeps blinking.