Got a problem with skeleton deformation

I just downloaded the lasted snapshot development (0.65.0-20140503-32bit)

When I import a picture it works fine.

But when I enable the skeleton deformation layer, It goes like this. (I already tried “Reset Pose” button but it does nothing)

My OS is Window 7 32Bit

Thank you.

Hello! We just fixed this issue. Please get the updated packages here -

Ah! Now I see what’s the problem. At the moment the Skeleton Deform layer have limited influence area. Everything outside this area gets cropped.

See the list of “missing pieces” in my weekly report #39 ([url]Konstantin’s weekly report #39]):

Obviously, we will need to add some handles to show and edit this area. Much like the same as Warp Layer currently have. Though, this is still on TODO list.

As a workaround, I can advice to make image smaller so it will fit into the Skeleton Deform influence area. :slight_smile: