Got a G-Pen Tablet, how to exploit it with Synfig?

I got a Genius Tablet and i’m testing it with every single soffware i have, i know Synfig has support for tablet pressure but i’m not quite sure how Synfig can take advantage of that, while it’s quite obvius the pen can draw advanced blines and use the pressure info for tickness, i always end setting up the duck’s tickness manually so i’m wondering if there is something else i can do with my tablet, great job so far greetings.

Usage of a tablet or not is a question of workflow. I never have been felt comfortable using a tablet for everything so my opinion is subjective. I would use a tablet to draw within Synfig if my draw abilities were very good (draw good at first) or to draw complex backgrounds that would be static and the control of the position of the vertices is not important.


yes it’s quite the same for me, sketching with the pencil tool is also better with the tablet, but out of that i think Synfig is more technical than of technique, thus making it a program to use mostly with the mouse