Good layout for Synfig

I rearranged the layout of my Synfig Studio
This layout seems very comfortable and nice.
I recommend it. What other layouts do you think is nice in Synfig Studio?


I have never worked with these much layers and waypoints :sweat_smile: .
I like your layout. My main work is motion graphics so, graph panel is essential to me. So I put it at the side. Not anything fancy. Here’s my layout

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This is my workspace.


This one is mine:

Lot of space for timeline (or graph as that panel is docked in the same area so it is very easy to switch from one to the other one)


I am intrigued, by the vast ultilisation of Synfig in your, projects. It brings out the feel of traditional animation with Photoshop. Great work indeed.

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I love this layout too. It creates up enough space for the timeline :ok_hand:

There is also the possiblity to extract some panels and to place them on another screen, in case of dual-screen config.