Good free vector drawing app?

Hi all!

I just tried a couple of vector drawing apps for my iphone. While they work fine, they had no useful way to export the drawings in a way I can import them into synfig.

Are there any good free apps that let you export in a good way and don’t have a really small limit on number of layers in an object?

I want to be able to engage in synfig related activity at all times.


Can it be imported to Inkscape? If Inkscape can read it then you can export to SIF from Inkscape.
If Inkscape can’t read it, what’s is the export format of that app?? :open_mouth:


I’ll have to check again for the format. All I remember was that it only exported to Twitter and have a limit of 12 layers/object. That is the free version.

I use iDesign on my iPhone. It can export in Inkscape native format.
It’s not free, but I think there may be a free version.