Golaby Project

It is about 3 months I found synfig animation studio but 30 days I started working seriously with it. You know in the mid of this summer I decided to learning drawing anime style character so I bought a book and started practicing (you know my main art field is digital coloring and painting but not drawing outlines)after a few works I found if I engage my practicing to a animation project I can learn with more motivation so I decided to put my drawing exercises in form of a short animation and that was when I started my work with synfig SERIOUSLY.in synfig I traced ,colored and animated the characters drawn on paper.
When first plan was done I got an idea about making this short anime as an Open movie under code name of “Golaby”(see dDAnimations.com) with these goals:
1-Practicing drawing and animating (special for people who like to start to learn drawing but don’t have enough motivation) .
2-Getting Familiar with mechanism of Synfig for people who like to start developing Synfig(it more relates to myself )
3-Ending up to acceptable result for showing the world one other animation done by Synfig and using it in order to introduce synfig as a powerful animation software.
4-having fun
After deciding a good license for the work ,the source of project will be officially publish on dDAnimations.com
Up to now 5 plans of 14 plans are done and here is the result:
Who can contribute in this short animation project?
People who know how to draw(anime style)(from beginner level on)
People who can trace bitmap images to vector graphic in Synfig(Having tablet is recommended)
People who can animate with Synfig
People who can prepare a suitable music by themselves
For more technical information please visit: dDAnimations.com

Hey Ichigo!
It looks awesome! It would be so cool to contribute to your project but as you know I’m busy with taking care on the code.
I wish you all the best for Golaby.
Please let us know whether you need some specific help on drawing or animation during its developing. I kindly will lend you a hand.