Git vs Subversion

I noticed we now (also?) have Synfig git repository at sourceforge ( Wat does this mean for the Subversion repository? Is it still valid? What is relationship between those two? Are they mirrored both ways? I’m somewhat confused!


Hi Gerco,
I’ve been talking with pixelgeek about our question in the chat and I think that reading it would clarify some of your doubts.

Regarding to SVN or git. You or anyone can still using SVN because I’ll merge all the commits from SVN to git. But I only would commit to git @ sf.

Hey Genete,

What sort of storage space and bandwidth is needed? I ask because I have my own VPS already and, depending on the needs, could provide some hosting if that would help (since I’m not really a programmer).


I don’t exactly the amount of space or bandwidth needed and possible can grow later. At the moment it is not planned to migrate everything because it would need a careful host migration to keep the forum and the wiki in place and I don’t have the enough knowledge and free time to do it now. Maybe your offer is a good choice but at last we still needing someone who pay the host and I personally prefer a system like sourceforge for that because it is free at the end.

Keep the forum and the wiki at Darco’s VPS is not bad! But I think that we should support him as much as possible making donations to help him on defray the cost of the site.

We still needing someone who cares about the vps. I have rights to enter to the vps remotely but, sincerely, I don’t know exactly what diagnostics have to do to keep it safe and clean. Any help in that way will welcome profusely.

At the moment I’m concentrated on improve Synfig (mainly in the interface) doing as much coding as I can.

Thanks for your offer anyway!