Gimp2Synfig : update

Hello here,

I have updated , you can found the new version here.

What’s new ?

You can check the others features i plan to included like “gimp gif animation layer notation support when exporting” from the issues tab…

I will update the synfig documentation if everything goes well for you.

IMPORTANT : need an extra python file,, (located in the same place than


Two month without comments … everything fine ? or nobody have tested ?

Hi d.j.a.y!
Does this work on windows of Gimp too? And if so where do I put the files? In other words how do I install it?

should work on window has worked … and installed has …

Works like a charm. The option to export the files directly to a switch layer is very helpful when making keyframes or storyboards in Gimp that have to be reused in Synfig.

Thank’s for testing and report…
That’s encouraging to publish that version and to follow the todo list

New version released : Gimp2Synfig

can’t pickle Grouplayer objects!!! GIMP 2.10
can’t export any XCF project to SIF containing a grouplayer in GIMP 2.10. only if I delete all the grouplayers and hit Group in a single switch layer (synfig> =1.0) OPTION which I don’t need by the way

however I posted the bug in

According the source code: … , L36

#TODO gimp group layer compliant

plugins update : should be GIMP 2.10 compliant + “can’t pickle Grouplayer objects!!!” is GIMP issue (do not select a layer group before exporting, is the work around)