GIMP Paint Studio - GPS

Found something amazingly useful for those who want the power of GIMP and MyPaint/OpenCanvas/Photoshop brushes/etc. combined!

very interesting!
Thank you!

This is GIMP Paint Shop.
That’s GIMP Paint Studio: :laughing:

I’m a constant long-time user of GIMP, 99% of my works are made with it, i should say that this kind of packs are good for starters but i might also suggest to practice with every tool what can be done, sometimes even the default brushes might prove to be useless and indeed i end up making a few custom replacing all of them to have at hand, but never harms playing with this packs, it’s only a suggestion from someone who can’t conceive it’s life without GIMP :wink:

If someone is interested in getting Gimp-Painter ( it’s Gimp with a patch from a japanese man wich adds an awesome mixbrush and an imprroved Inktool with smooth settings)
I’ve just finished to write a tutorial to build it on Lucid here :
It’s in french but I don’t think it’s hard to understand as command lines are the same…