gif to image sequence with lst file

Hi Everyone
I am getting into Python and I was wondering if there was any interest in a gif to image sequence with corresponding lst file. I have already made a scripting that does that its just not polished or user friendly yet. It makes a new folder then puts each frame of the gif in the folder numbered by frame with the lst file in the folder as well. I thought it would be good for rotoscoping. Any interest?
Thx Giantspacebug


It sounds interesting…

How do you extract each frame of a gif? with Imagemagick?

What kind of feedback do you require?

its a basic script using pillow (Python Image Library I think). Pillow can iterate over each frame and save it as png. Making the lst file is automatic and is just a list of the frames saved as png. So if people are interested I have some questions: Right now it only exports all the frames from the gif file, should that be something you can change? for example export frames 5 to 20 . What are the user requirements you would like to see?
This is a regular old python script (.py) just so we are clear

Hope than others come with more ideas.
Fow what i see in GIMP:
-Some frames comes with more seconds of showing. I mean, in some animations some frames appear more time than others

  • File size optimization is used in some gif animations, I don’t know if your script is aware of that.

  • Perhaps, change the frame rate of the animation, or skip some frames of the original gif file. Say an original gif animation of 36 frames at 12 fps, can be converted to an lts file of 18 frames at 6fps. I think the lts format have the posibility of changing the time of showing of each frame even.

  • Also, I’d wish the lst file could be shown before importing to synfig. Maybe using a local html file with javascript to show the sequence of frames in any web browser. The idea comes from: … animation/

and like that.

I have to check what happens with optimized gif, I think just exports a png image as it would be seen on the screen but im not sure. I terms of skipping frames, I think i should add the ability to keep the time scale the same in addition to shorting the animation. For example you have a 20 second animation, which you still want to 20 sec, just output a keyframe every 6 frames. I’ll make the script first, maybe if it’s popular I can make an extension with visual feedback in the animation window.
Keep the suggestions coming.


Maybe you could be interested to use “” a very draft and basic synfig python module helping to create synfig projects files.

mkdir png convert file.gif png/a.png cd png quinema-lst . … ig-x-sheet