Gif Loop Coder

A tool i just found … for both animators and coders.

GIF Loop Coder (glc) is a JavaScript-based tool for creating looping animated gifs.

As of Version 1.3.0, the program is a standalone executable program that runs on Windows, OS X and Linux.

It provides a text editor where you can write JavaScript code to add animated objects to a render list.

Your code is then executed. This creates and animates the ojects you defined, gives you a control panel to control how the animation is rendered and lets you save the result as an animated gif.

TWENTY object types
Declarative object creation
Automatic smooth looping
ALL visual properties of ALL objects are animatable
Adjustable frame rate and duration.
Two interpolation modes
Switchable motion easing
Free and open source
Thorough documentation
Supports both ‘gif’ AND ‘jif’ pronunciation!
Created with QuickSettings.js

Have to check that out since rendering to gif is still rather glitchy in Synfig. Hope it is not to much coding… :unamused: Can it import png or does it only work with javascript based objects?


[code]An image object is created with:


This loads and draws an image from an external file.