Get the moon. Animatic for animation short

Hello folks!

Here is my old project. I was trying to make an animation short based on a comic strip. The main task is to do everything right. That is to use a standard pipeline for animation production. To avoid the chaos and mess that I usually create. In general it almost got done. The main point is that I spent very little effort and little time, I didn’t get confused in anything. If I sum up all the time spent, I’ll get something about a week or two. However these weeks are divided into several parts and there is a several years between those parts.

However I don’t lose a hope to finish this project someday. Besides all the sources are intact and organized preaty well. But now the animatic is ready: (eng subs included)

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Hi folks!!!
I’ve had a bad cold a while ago, and if that happens and I can’t my job properly, I thought I’d take my old project a little further. Especially since now with the help of neural networks, I’ve made cool backgrounds from old pencil sketches.
Only two shots ( of the nine) for 17 seconds of animation, but this already looks to be in final quality. Or as close to it as possible.

Some day I’ll finish it! And now I know how to.