German Wiki translation

Thanks for the warm welcome, Genete. I’ll start with pages of the documentation that are not likely to change.

There are quite a few Wiki pages that document basic functionality which don’t exist in German, e.g. “Group”.
I’ll first focus on those and then later cover all those pages connected to them.

Creating images with translated annotations will have to wait until the next version, as I’m quite aware of changes like the Single-Window UI, which might render those obsolete.
Regarding the German translation, it might be a good idea for me to join the German translation team on Transifex to make sure that there’s a close match between the Wiki pages and the terms used in the program. I’m a bit puzzled about the coordination of the translation effort, since the page states “No translators have been added yet.” Is it more like a loose group of people?
In the meantime, I’ll make use of the .po file in the source archive.

Also, the ‘Overview’ page doesn’t exist in German, yet, but is mentioned on the ‘Manual’ page as ‘Überblick’. Since it conveys general information about animations, it can be translated right away. I suspect that’s the first page people will have a look at and it might put off some of them from reading the ‘Diving In’ section, which is partially translated thanks to Ohoservices.

Edit: This post should be moved to the Documentation section.