Genete free Synfig stuff

This is some of the stuff I have made during my coding period that I want to freely share with the community.
All the information hold by the following folder is released under CC0 licence. Feel free to use it for what ever you want. … sp=sharing

The reason for this is that I very probably wouldn’t continue coding Synfig in a long period due to personal reasons. I still helping on forums or as advisor in whatever thing you consider me as helpful for Synfig developent. I’ll do my best on that. But coding will be parked definetively from now on.

Long live to Synfig!

Impressive … thank’s for sharing all that stuff !

I think i will try to wikify some for Dev section.

Genete, I know you probably haven’t heard this enough, so thank you. Thank you for all of your work you’ve put into Synfig, for all of your help and guidence on the forums, and for your enthusiastic and continued suport for this crazy project. I (and hopefully everyone else here) understand how life can take us away from our passions/hobbies, so do what you need to do, and live your life. Just know that what you’ve done is appreciated, and although your absence will be felt, it is also understood.

Thank you!

Yes, thank you Genete for all you’ve done for Synfig! It wouldn’t be where it is today without you!

interesting…thanks for sharing all of these stuff

Thank you for sharing it’s great