Game trailer (HopSquash!) assets made using Synfig, and keyframe tweening

Not sure if this is interesting to you guys, but with Synfig I was able to take care of the graphical assets of my game trailer.

I used Synfig to create the text screens, so any time there is text and imagery, that is a screen completely layed out in Synfig and dropped into Shotcut. The scaling animation was done in Shotcut though.


There are text elements that look fuzzy or pixelated in relation to the sharpest ones

Hey thanks for the feedback! Which ones are fuzzy? (I’m usually a stickler for this stuff, but I must admit I’m cutting corners later in the project as it’s dragging out)

17s, 56s: hopsquash

It looks like an enlarged bitmap.

Oh - well, that’s because it is. BUT, I scaled it up to 1920x1080 in GIMP with scaling interpolation set to “None” so no blurring was introduced there, and I animated it by scaling down first, so that when it reaches its full size, it’s actually 1920x1080, so no blurring should have been introduced there either. So I’m not sure where the blurring was introduced…

I’ll pay closer attention in the release trailer, and find out where things went wrong. Maybe it’s a Shotcut setting…