Fuzzy edged render

Greetings, it’s my first time here, and I have a problem with my first render. It has these annoying fuzzy edges, please help if you know how to fix the problem, thanks for your time!Automaton_Animation_Current.gif

Click the animation to check it out.

I found somewhat of a workaround, but it required me to change any transparent elements to solid ones, and export as a series of png images, then use GIMP to export an interlaced GIF. I’m a little saddened that I can’t figure out how to include some transparent elements in my animation, because that would have been cool.

Also this just happened around 2 pm, 4/8/2018: All my new animations got corrupt some how, I guess I didn’t know I couldn’t make copies of the file and move them around.

For all the glory of synfig there is way too many downfalls, it is very finicky and very hard to make any progress without having to redo everything.

Latest news: 8 pm, 4/8/2018, I managed to fix the “corrupt files” by replacing each image that is used in the synfig files, and made sure to include those images next to the synfig file in hopes that it doesn’t lose track of them again, because it is a pain to re-reference each one manually!