Fullscreen option for the interface

Hello to all in the community. You have done a remarkable job with Synfig. Thank you.

I would’nt be surprised if after all, despite my search for this topic, there is already a thread for my topic.
Either way my request is for a fullscreen option for the interface, and shortcut.

Thank you.

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Hi! I asked for this long time ago without a reply and here it is my feature request on Github. The ironic part is you can do it in old versions of Synfig when you had a multiple windows interface, and that is another useful possibility that Synfig used to have that I really miss. :disappointed:

That’s really odd? Your request on Github - which I’d seen previously to post this one here - goes back more than a year, which makes me lose my hope somewhat. I’m going to look into plan B; It should be possible to ‘force’ this via the OS (Win 8.1, in my case) through a script. Ultimately one can always apply a strip of black electrical tape over the taskbar. Having said that, the lack of a fullscreen feature is not a show stopper but a tidy feature.Thanks for your reply here. And if you’re Portuguese, like me, then … obrigado.

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