freezed after importing images

I use synfig Studio 0.61.09 on Ubuntu Studio 9.04.

My synfig is always freezed just after importing images (png or jpeg)…
I need to import some raster images but now I can’t.

Are there some ways to fix the bug?

For your information, synfig studio in Ubuntu repository has a critical bugs and if we get the source from the repository, synfig dosn’t run.
So I get the source from and install the package.

Please try to install the latest SVN snapshot from our new Download page. I think that it has that problem fixed.
In case that the problem persists I would like also that you provide the image file ( is a good place to do that) so I can try to replicate the problem in my computer. I use ubuntu 9.04.

Oh, it works when I reinstall the SVN you recommended.
Thanks for your works!!