Freelance animator quote

Hello there,

I would like to start a project. To do so, I need to get an idea of how much it would be to hire an animator (that work with Synfig of course). Also, how freelance animators usually work? Do I need to submit the script? The storyboard?
I appreaciate any help on getting this information: how much does it cost to hire an animator? and tips on working with freelance animators.


The first thing that you have to have in hand is the script. The story is the most important part of the whole process. The more the story is solid, the characters personalities well defined and the details of it described, the easier will be to the artist to put that on the screen. Depending on what you have advanced on the animation process you can provide that material to the animator (storyboard, animatics, backgrounds, audio recordings, character designs, etc.

The cost rate of an animation is measured normally in money per time and can vary enormously depending on the complexity of the artwork.

There are some professional animators here on the forum that can give you more hints.

Thanks! I have a short story already (in Spanish) and I’m writing the script. I want to get an estimate of the pricing to do some project planning as the project is a bit ambitius to do it on my own.


Very difficult to give advise on rates as I don’t know anything about the style, amount of characters and ambition on animation. Also it does depend a bit on the type of project; commercial or independent short film or something in between?
How long would you guess it would take an animator to animate what you want? How are the salaries in your country?
As for script or storyboard, animators do definitely want to see a storyboard as well as an animatic to know the length of the scenes, pacing of the film etc.

Thanks for your reply! I wanted to get an overall cost to get the idea. Something like cost per hour, etc.

It is an independant animation series. It will have around 13 chapters of 2/3 minutes each. As I’m just in the planning stage I don’t have much information, but I will ask again when I have more details.