Free characters for animations

I’ve been playing around with cutout animations and after much searching found a really great site for generating full body avatars, it’s courtesy of LLoyd’s Bank who seem more than happy for people to use the characters they generate. Go to -

You can also produce a range of close-up facial expressions and easily grab the images using Screen Grab Pro or similar.

I followed the excellent Synfig tutorial on cut-out animation and now have a master file for a poseable cutout figure. For a new character I just copy the master file to a new directory and use a photo editor to cut out the new body bits - keeping the same part names. I can now generate a completely new cutout animation figure in about 10 minutes. A bonus not highlighted in the tutorial so I thought I’d share that one!
A zip is attached for anyone who wants to use it. Just change the body bits for your own.

Geo (151 KB)

That’s pretty cool!. It is a pita that the resolution is not high enough to make valuable close up shots. Maybe we can trace it and create a all vector character? Combination of vector under cutout is possible meanwhile the bones feature comes in.
Granted it should go to the resources on the website.

Agree about resolution - but if the image is captured when on the FacialExpressions tab the image for just the top half of the body is around 360px high - not too bad for use as closeup speech. I captured 5 or so expressions and imported them as a .lst file with FPS set at 5. See attached file.

Interesting that while the characters that can be made up are 2D, the original Lloyd’s animations are 3D, see Lots of ideas here!

geo (248 KB)

Looks interesting as most of animation is in 3D!