Free character

Here is a free character for people who want to play around with the features of rc1 of Synfig and don’t feel like drawing. It’s a simple frontal character rigged with bones and automatic patches to hide joint overlaps. Side and three quarter views are in the works. Have fun. License is in the sif file.

edit: added screenshot.

freecharrigged.sifz (74.5 KB)

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Nice initiative …and character.
Could it be linked / embeded in the Skeleton Layer doc ?

Also, you should choose .sfg file type to embed your (missing) cc.png image :wink:


On my windows 7 synfig crashes when I save to the .sfg extension. I kept the old extension but Added the license logo as a vector drawing instead.

nice*2 ! thank’s…

did you report this adventure to the tracker ? i did’nt saw it coming …

Yup, done.

Second free character to play around with. Three quarter view this time. It’s not perfect but enough to try and make a simple walk cycle. Heading for a side view next and then I will upgrade the three models and correct eventual mistakes. Had problems with creating this character cos initially I copied lots of parts of the frontal character but Synfig does not like working with copies so I had to recreate all the parts by hand.

edit: added screenshot.

freechartqrigged.sifz (78.9 KB)

Side view, and the last part of the free character. Rigged with bones. Try with rc1 version of Synfig. Remember that if you want to add stuff to the character, like a hat or a coat or whatever, that you have to bind it to the specific bone of that bodypart or it won’t animate with the rest.

freecharsiderigged.sifz (75.5 KB)

Good stuff!
This character can be the seed of a great tutorial.

Thanks, G. That’s the plan. Sort of. How to create and rig a multi view character in synfig from scratch.

It’s perfect for me. I’m not so skilled in drawing. Thank you mate!