Frame by frame : Bouncing ball !

Just to play with the “new” frame by frame functionality, i have a done a very not artistic bouncing ball

how i did :

  1. i created a background with rectangle tool, then rendered the scene has single image (png)
  2. import the background (an image layer grouped in a switch is created)
  3. put some guides
  4. go to animation mode
  5. repeat n time : move 2 frames in the timeline, right click under switch group, make new frame (to have blank new frame)
  6. come back at the beginning of the animation, choose brush tool and start draw each 2 frame.
  7. exported has png, gif animation done with gimp

And you, how is bouncing your ball ?

done with last development snapshot ( 0.65.0-20140327 )

I have been fiddling around with the new snapshot too. I made my bouncing ball using the new Zrange in the Group layer, which turns a group almost into a good old fashioned x-sheet and lets me make frame by frame animation with vector drawings. I am very pleased with that.