Forum web design - no direct link to synfig home page?

I might be missing something, even something obvious, but when I am in the forums I don’t see any direct hyperlinks to get to the synfig home page ( I find this a bit strange.

Is it possible to hyperlink the home page to the “Synfig Project” text in the title? And if it is possible, do others agree that this would improve the navigation-ability of the web site?

It is something that I’ve missed from long time ago. I’ve searched the phpBB options and I don’t see how to add such kind of link. That’s why I have it on my signature.
If you know how to add it, please let us know.

I did a quick dive into the phpBB website and the closest I see in a cursory search is: … 410cdf1f59 (but it says it’s for “prosilver based styles” and I have no idea if that’s applicable to the synfig forum). Is there some kind of version control set up with the phpBB setup (minus the authentication info) which I could use to experiment?

Oh and to be off-topic, Genete, congrats on Spain’s first World Cup.

Thanks RonK for both things. :slight_smile:
Seems that add a custom link is a bit complicated when it should be a fair easy thing IMHO. I’ll ask other administrators about that. I prefer to use my small free time in coding.