for Synfig!

here is another animation of synfig using synfig for synfig.! LOL hahah…hope you like it! …


nice homage :wink:

maybe you can bump the version of the splash screen to 0.64.2 ?

maybe i can…haha

Holy cow, man - you’re awesome!

Sorry for being an impertinent person, but could you please upload a source of this work? I would like to see how you did all those nice effects!

wait a sec…ill atttached it…but i dont know how can i upload it all since its made of different files…but ill try to upload it…

here is the source file…but i hope it will work, since it is composed of different files and just imported to merge as one…

if ever this file is not working…ill try to upload the invidual files…^^
synfig animation.sifz (950 Bytes)

Yeah… It’ll not work that way. You have to upload all files that were imported into the main sifz file. I guess it’s better to pack them all into one archive (ZIP for example), then upload here.

how about this one
synfig.rar (145 KB)

Aha, this one is mostly good. Still, one file is missing, but the actual animation is there, so it’s OK.


sorry man…it keeps on bugging! i dont know what to do…

Ahhh I love this! Great job.

testing.sifz file is missing from final animation.sifz … and we can’t load it… anyway thank’s for sharing !

That was AWESOME!!! Great Job!!!

That was AWESOME!!! Great Job!!!