font grease and style failed

i can not show any font gease different than “normal”… when i select “bold”, it stay “normal”.
The font familly is well installed and works everywhere for grease and style (but not on synfig).
Also, same problem for the style of the font… stay normal all the time.
And at render time… stay normal to.
Only the familly font (who is not able to show a liste inside a combobox, but just need to write it by hand in an editline) is ok.

i’m from arch linux distribution and synfig version is 1.0.2

font are installed inside /usr/share/font/TTF (for TTF for example, folloxed by the family name)

How to fix that please ?

Hi and welcome here,
I would say “bis repetita placent”.
It is a well known issue with Text Layer, as well as arabic/hebrew/greek character set. (Try a search in the forum please)
And of course, 1.0.2 is a lot slow and outdated.
See my signature for a dev build :wink:

For reference, a workaround : … yle-synfig