Following a spline: Serious problem and frustration



I have now been trying and trying to make a triangle/arrow follow the Spline. I have been using the relevant instruction from

Always when I try, the triangle or whatever that I would like to follow the spline is offset, and does not follow well to the spline.

There is in the above mentioned wiki document a finished file with a golden arrow following a golden path - And I downloaded it - I cannot, however, replicate this on my own. I also tried with the 1.3.11 beta version, but my problem was not helped by that.

There are also Youtube videos about this, but they are several years old and of no help. Anyone out there who can explain what to do?


Alright, here is a step by step guide on how to do this:

  1. Create a spline

  2. Draw your arrow

  3. Put the arrow in a group layer

  4. Make sure the center point of the group layer is where you want your arrow to rotate around
    (most likely in the middle of the arrow).
    To achieve that you can hold Ctr while moving the center point of the group layer. This way the objects inside won’t be moved and you can place the handle where needed

  5. Be sure to align the blue handle of your group layer with orientation of your arrow.
    This handle indicates the forward direction relative to the spline and will initially be pointing right.
    So when drawing the arrow draw him pointing in that direction or put a rotate layer inside the group to correct for that.

  6. Select both the spline and the group layer

  7. With both selected hold ctr to highlight the green origin point of the group layer

  8. Right click on the spline and select “Link to Spline”

  9. Animate to your hearts content

  10. Profit

Pay extra attention to steps 4 and 5, I suspect they are the culprit of why your attempts failed.
If this still doesn’t solve it, I may be able to record a video about this for a newer version of Synfig.

Here is the file for the animation above:
Follow Spline.sifz (3,8 KB)


Thanks a lot, Estard. Now I got things right because of you. I did, however, find out something more that could help other people like me:

The spline that should be followed CANNOT have its green midpoint moved,
or else the arrow that is meant to follow will be displaced.

The different (orange) anchor points in the spline can be moved, however.