following a Bline

In the tutorial “following a bline”, how can I do to connect the bline from a certain frame? Thanks.

(spanish). He seguido el tutorial “siguiendo una bline”. ¿cómo tengo que hacer si quiero conectar un dibujo a una bline justo a partir de un punto de tiempo determinado? (es decir, independiente al empezar y conectarlo a partir de unos segundos). Gracias.

In order to do that you can convert the parameter that is being a link to bline thing to a switch parametere before do the link to bline operation.
Usually you do:

  1. Create your stuff.
  2. Select the parameter to be linked to bline and the bline (vertex, tangent or width)
  3. Right click on the bline and select “link to bline”
  4. You obtain object converted to linked to bline.

If after step 4 you export the result of link to bline you can access to it later.
Then once exported you can Disconnect it from the exported value node. The exported will remain.
Then the object (the vertex for example) has to be turned into a switch parameter. Later one of the sub parameters can be linked to the exported one. So after that you can switch form linked to bline to free.

Try it by your self and if you cannot achieve it I will do an example. I have not enough time right now.

@Genete: Thank you for the explanation, but I think I don’t understand (no me sale). Can you translate it into spanish? :blush:

@Genete: Tal vez podríamos ampliar el tutorial haciendo que la flecha aparezca por la izquierda y cuando llegue a la curva se enlace con ella. ¿qué te parece? :smiley:

Maybe we could expand the tutorial making the arrow appears on the left and when it reach the curve link to Bline. What do you think about?