Follow a path but no angle change

I’ve been using the “Following a Spline” tutorial. In that, the rotate angle is supposedly added by a rotate layer. I didn’t add the rotate layer, but my following layer turns anyway.

I don’t want the layer that follows the spine to turn at all. I just want it to follow the path of the spline without a rotation. I could take the time to animate the whole process but it would be much easier to just do it the way I’ve mentioned if its possible. Thanks.

could you attach a sfiz. file? It would be useful to solve the problem

I actually figured it out. The tutorial suggests using the group handle (or it is unclear if they meant another handle).

The right thing to do is to NOT use the group green handle, but to link the region/outline green handle to the spline. Then, any other regions/outline can also be linked to the spline as well. But if the group handle is linked, then it will rotate.

You can actually link to group layer, just link “offset”, not “transformation”.
test-55-follow.sifz (1.53 KB)