flying machine

I want to make a flying machine, which works with pedals like a bicycle.
For now, I made the wings.
Is the movement good?
I tried adding a warp distortion , in order to rotate a bit during animation. (for this time, warp is not animated)
Is it ok?
The background is temporary, i’ll make a drawing.

thank you very much for your comments :slight_smile:
machinevolante.sifz (46.5 KB)

Very good and fluid movement.

The timing of the wing beats is excellent and gives it a feeling of size and power.


The motion of the wings is very nice, but I’m missing one thing. A flying bird usualy bobs up and down a bit in its flight path in reaction to the up-and-down movement of its wings. When the wings beat down, I expect the flying machine to move up slightly in reaction, and when the wings move up I expect the machine to move down a bit.

Otherwise an excellent bit of animation.

thank you for your comments :smiley:
Morn, thank you very much. The problem is that the machine should be a small winged bicycle - it would surely require a more rapid and less majestic movement .
dustbunny, you’re absolutely right. I tried to add an up and down movement.

new version here :

Much much better! now try a turn using the warp layer. Maybe we discover a new dimension! :slight_smile:

Your animations are better each time.

It’s looking even better now.