Flipping a shape

I can’t find a way to flip shapes accurately. I always use the stretch tool but it is very inaccurate. Is there a way to flip a shape with out Stretching the shape too long or to wide?

If you created the shapes inside Synfig (or imported them as vectors) then you can use the mirror tool to flip them. Select all the layers involved, then select all the handles (ie. Ctrl+A, or drag a big selection box around them) then use the mirror tool (hold shift to mirror horizontally).

PublicEnnemy > The wiki is a great (and multi language) source of information for synfig “basic” usage (and even advanced if you dig a little) … and better, you have a search function : simple search flip resultssorry to been a little ‘rude’ …

As an alternative to the Mirror tool you can use the Stretch layerand change the amount parameter of the layer to (1,-1) for a x axis mirror or to (-1, 1) for a y axis mirror. That’s valid for any kind of content below the Stretch layer (pure vector or raster).

Thanks guys. And jay I will definitely start using the wiki more.

And you weren’t rude :slight_smile: