[FLASH] How to Make Swibble Text In Adobe Flash

I’ve been messing around in Adobe Flash CS4 and found out how to give text a wobbly effect. So I thought I’d make a video about it since no one has done this before.

Hope you enjoy it!

Not to be rude, although I do enjoy it, but this is Synfig forum.
So this “Tutorials” section is for Synfig tutorials, obviously. Not Adobe. Especially not Abode. Since it’s a proprietary software (nothing wrong with that) but we here are rooting and trying to promote open source software like Synfig, Blender, Pencil2D, what have you.

Can you make a tutorial about how to make the same wobble effect in Synfig? That would be nice to have.


I was trying to put this post in the Flash tag, but I couldn’t do it for some reason. :confused:
But yes, I can make a Synfig tutorial for that.