First go at lip sync

Hi all,

Using Papagayo, Pencil, Inkscape and Synfig in a first try at lip syncing. (I used Inkscape to design the head - such as it is - and Pencil to rough check the timing.) No great animation here, just working out the kinks in my work flow and seeing what’s possible.


Good work.
I would like to hear details of the work flow with all those open source tools. It would be Interesting.
Keep it up!

That’s too funny - it’s the same clip I first tried my lipsync to. It must be the lipsync equivalent of “hello world”.

Nice job,

Heh. I was planning to just record some quick, short blurb of my own to use, but then I noticed that Papagayo had some sample files and “Ahnold” was one of them, so I just used it.

As for the work flow, Genete, I had an epiphany while watching the flash tutorials at Moolt (by the guy responsible for the Neenja flash series). I was especially impressed by his multi-part tutorial on the bear animation. Of course, flash is all-in-one, but it occurred to me that I could replicate his approach by combining several open source tools.

I forgot to mention, by the way, that I rendered the animation with Cinelerra. Up next, I plan to focus more on the quality of the animation (as opposed to just working out the software mechanics like I’ve been doing so far).

Oh, one last thing: That was an ogg file I uploaded to youtube, so they can process those in case anybody ever wondered.