First Animation - Revised with an Introduction

I just posted this to Youtube the other day. Curious what you guys think. This was primarily created before the new Clamp animation was available so there are parts where there is a bit of glitching from improper use of the motion stops. I plan for my next episode to have a much smoother animation style.

It’s difficult to give you one honest opinion without look a bit rude. I guess that you are conscientious about the character designs. They are very special characters, very detailed in some aspects but with the impression of lack of work in others. You have taken a lot of details in mouth movement but they look like just that, talking mouths. They don’t have live!. Some eye blink or facial expression would help a lot to give them more life and more interest on the story.

I have to recognize that there is a lot of work there because just fill the screen with all the furniture and the backgrounds is a lot of work. But I would have preferred that the work would have been concentrated on actual animation instead on that detailed background.

I watched it without sound to see of it tells me something. At first I believed that it was empty of storyline but finally it worked. So from the point of view of the script, it works, which is great.


There a lot I like, and some, not so much lol

Firstly, I fVck’n LOVE weed. So points for that.

A lot of the trippy effects were cool, good drawing on the pipes and stuff. The mouth work is great, but I’d like more movement of the characters generally. Not much, but they are really static now. And everyone’s nose looks like a finger. If that’s what you like then ok, but some drawing work would help IMHO

Wow great effects in the intro. Really eye catching. The work on the mouth is very full but the other areas needs more work. Would love more work on the eyes (and facial expression) as they look all too dead. Some blinking and iris movements would do wonders.