First animation - for a metal band!

Howdy! I was contracted by a metal band out of New York City called The Pain Method to produce an animated music video, and I decided to do cutout animation with Synfig. My pipeline was Krita -> Synfig -> kdenlive. Here’s the animation, I was just hoping to share it with y’all. Thank you!

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Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:

A lot nice animation (and the metal tune also :wink: )
As a suggestion, you could add a note on your Youtube page about the contract and copyright, also link to the official Youtube page of the band.
Just to avoid Youtube to remove it for Copyright Infringement ^^


Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply and encouragement! The reason I have little to no info on the YT page right now is that their record label is going to officially host it on their channel when the album drops in a month or so, at which time I’ll be taking this one down. I needed to upload it so that the band and the label could show it around conveniently! Otherwise, you’d be 1000% correct in taking care of the copyright info.

I’d like to make more videos like this, the pay is pretty solid and Synfig just works so well for my needs. I’m primarily an illustrator, and the cutout processes available from Synfig are perfect for my workflow.

nice! good ideas!