Finished Work!

Dear fellow Synfig animators,

This is my finished work:

It took me more than two months to finish it…I know it’s a far cry from what most of you animators do and it has lots of imperfections… :blush: but I still hope that you will like it and if you drop an encouraging comment that would make my day…I really need your encouragement and support because I sometimes give up. :frowning:

Thanks to all the synfig members who helped me with advice and information…I feel grateful to you. :slight_smile:

Leila a loyal Synfig user

Nice work leila … look like a softer dubstep dispute :slight_smile:

Thanks d.j.a.y …

By the way, I watched dubstep dispute…Wow! I can’t do something similar even in my wildest dreams. lol :smiley: …But the video is impressive really…the animator can be proud of himself…

Nice work. Very colorful and I like your drawings. Teapot is wonderful. Great job! Keep up the good work.

Oh thanks a lot Dirk, :smiley: you helped me a lot and I am grateful to you. I hope that one day I’ll be able to make awesome animations like yours…You are an example to follow.

Ow…I am not sure if I am to be regarded as an example. :laughing: But you took your time to learn Synfig and in the end made something creative with it and shared it with the community and the world: that in itself makes you a winner. 8)

Oh, thanks :blush: …I am indeed a winner because I have valuable , supportive animators like yourself… :slight_smile: But let me insist that you are really talented and your animations are -in my opinions - faultless… So please make tutorials on Youtube and I’ll be your student and your fan number one .