"Filling up" a shape

Okay, please bear with… I am new at this and I freely admit to not knowing how most of it works. I’ve been through the basic tutorials and the more I do, the more sense it makes, but I am baffled on one thing in particular at the moment!

I am trying to make simple technical animations, of heating systems to be precise. I want to show a hot water tank “warming up” and to symbolise this, I turn it from blue to red gradually.

The tank is sort-of bullet shaped - so to make it, I have drawn an oblong and plonked a circle on top.

I can make the oblong “fill up” with red from the bottom upwards. No probs.

But I cannot make the circular shape do the same thing!

Anyone have any idea how…? I hope there is a simple way. Apologies for the stupid question. :blush:

Not sure I follow you here… If you can “fill up” the oblong what is the problem with the circle shape then? It’s basically the same thing, so technique you use for the oblong should also apply to circle.

Can you provide a simple example illustrating the problem?
That’ll make things clear.

if I understood correctly, what you need would be to use a masking layer.
If it is this:

Then you could do it like this (animate the masking layer to reduce it).

Beware of the structure, groups, a masking layer affects all the layers under it.
Hoping this will help you :slight_smile:
TankAnim1.sifz (1.44 KB)

I was not sleeping so I did a bit more “research”
A more advanced version would permit you to display how many percent your tank has reached.
About the structure of layer, it is the same as before with a Text Layer in addition.
You also need to export the value of the height of the mask layer.
I don’t give more explanation for the moment but I will surely add it to the Wiki when I will be awaken :wink:
Have fun with the converters :mrgreen:

Text Layer with a lot of nested converters

TankAnimPercent.sifz (2.04 KB)