File got corrupted

This afternoon, I was no longer able to open this file I spent over a month on. Please help me!
Onyx Animation!.sifz (858.6 KB)

It misses the file named “Final Animation!.sifz” in the same folder.
Or, if it exists, this mentioned file misses an exported value node named “Backgrounds”.


Who can fix it??? It’s for something important!

Don’t you have this file “Final Animation!.sifz”? Did you moved or renamed?

Yeah, but the only difference is that it doesn’t have the characters.

What characters? A text layer?

I meant the figures that take part in the animation, nothing about the text.

Can you send the Final Animation!.sifz?

Dude, you’ve got tons of errors and broken bones in there!
To fix it, I’ll have to remove all the bones which means you’ll lose the majority of your animation progress if it’s done using bones.

If you agree, I will “fix” it during the week when I get some time after work.

The file Onyx Animation!.sifz can’t open in Synfig now, and can’t edit as text also.
I can open other file with missing image error normally, maybe a option called ‘open it anyway’ to ignore all error & warning to open the failed file ?

Rename it as .zip or .7z and extract its content, there is a text .sif file inside :wink:

Reminder: Always do backups at different steps in your progress

Wow…thx.another trick. :smiley:

You need put Final Animation!.sifz & Patron Table 2.sifz to the same place with Onyx Animation!.sifz to fix ‘Backgrounds’&‘Character’.