Fedora 17 with Synfig 64-bit RPM from Synfig Website

I’m using Fedora 17 with Gnome 3.4, Nouveau graphics driver. If you install the latest RPM from the Synfig Studio website (synfigstudio-0.63.05-20120408.master.8.x86_64.rpm) then Synfig fails to start with this error:

[user@user ~]$ synfigstudio synfigstudio: error while loading shared libraries: libpng12.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Thanks for the report.
I’m a little smothered lately with the Cairo development so I hope I can find some time to download, install and test the problem in Fedora 17 on a virtual machine.
Also I’ll try to build rpm packages from Fedora 17 itself to see if that fixes the issue (or shows what’s the building script assuming when it fails running).


Thanks Genete! It’s definitely Fedora 17 which has broken something as the exact same package works perfectly on Fedora 16. There are a large number of file location changes in Fedora 17…


I wonder if the above is causing the problems.

That is strange, 0.63.05 works fine on my f17 64. If I remember correctly, the libpng12.so.0 issue was not a problem to run synfigstudio, I had same error message before, but synfigstudio still works.

And maybe you can try to install synfigstudio from fedora repo, and then use the rpm from synfig site to replace it.

I’ve done clean install of Fedora 17, twice, installed the RPM and it simply doesn’t work. The version of Synfig Studio in the Fedora repo makes GNOME blow up so badly that there is no way I would install that again as I’d have to re-install Fedora immediately.

BTW: This is a real install, not a Virtual machine.

Good news - new version of the Synfig Studio 64-bit RPM for Fedora 17 uploaded yesterday to the official Fedora repository that does work. 8)