February '09 Challenge - Stickman's Day Out

Inspired by EvilKillerFiggin, this month’s challenge is a Stickman animation. You don’t have to be as fancy as EvilKillerFiggin. You might want to try something more like Genete’s walking man -

It’s Stickman’s Day Out. What will he get up to? Show us!


You mean something like this (not mine)?



I was thinking more like youtube.com/watch?v=El-282S5xng
But if it’s got a stickman in it, it’s good.


Now nobody can say that this challenge is difficult.
GESticky.sifz (2.41 KB)

This is my entry… I almost loose my head doing it! :smiley:

mediafire.com/?yibmdjix4bp (OGG compressed 73KB)
mediafire.com/?gwly9f95gvo (AVI high quality 1,7MB)

Enjoy! :slight_smile:




And congratulations on finding a format that VLC can’t play! (the avi version)


Try this: mediafire.com/?rniyglgm1k0

Simple and funny, well done!
(Same as Pixelgeek I couldn’t read the first avi, the second works… for info which codec did you use for the first one?)

Ye I cannot open it with VCL but Totem and Mplayer open it nicely. The video info is this:

I created it just by opening the image sequence in Avidemux and save it to avi without any code change (just COPY) so it created a PNG codec for the movie.


This is what I have so far - took me waaaaay tooo long…

Very funny!
Source please?

My entry:

It is a part of the Morevna Scene 20 animatic. With keyframe drafts it looks more sane - youtube.com/watch?v=cXcGrWpAuwM.

Source:20.zip (137 KB)

Sure! :smiley:
headless.sifz (5.4 KB)

So, how long did this take you? I’m trying to create a half way decent walkcycle, but even for a stickman it takes for ever…

I tried to use the template you posted. However, exported values are not shown in the curves panel and the the values are not properly updated when changing the time… :frowning: I guess there are still some bugs that need to be fixed…


Try to use the Groups feature to select all the rotations at the same time. It helps a lot. The rotation layer is quite buggy on refresh ducks. I had to press repeatedly the refresh button to see the rotation ducks properly placed.

It took me about 30 minutes to do it.

Yes, check the Groups panel! Two more templates:
download.tuxfamily.org/morevna/b … ckman.sifz
download.tuxfamily.org/morevna/b … imple.sifz

My entry for the february challenge, just in time…


Thanks to Genete and Zelgadis for the camera- and particles templates, and the lightning effect.


Did you reuse my lighting animation or was it completely new?.
Poor stickman! :smiley:

I reused yours with some rotation, duplication, and stretching…


Poor stickman. He’s had a whole month to get up, and he’s not even got the car out of the garage…