features requests for scripting architecture in synfig

Thanks for providing the ability to easily add scripts to synfig.

After using it once I’d like to ask if it’s possible to:

  1. enable customized messages to be provided to the user on plugin exit (ie: file not found)
  2. integrate in synfig preferences dialog some preferences/settings for each plugin (eg saved by synfig as a python module “settings.py” declaring constants)
  3. localize the messages of #1 (maybe as string in plugin.xml?)
  4. automatically save the project as sif (no.Z) before calling a plugin… since they don’t work on sifz in the current architecture.

short question on the side:
What python GUI library should I use preferably to launch a filechooser dialog in a synfig plugin? (trying to keep the dependencies count low and cross platform :wink: