Feature Request

Hey guys and girls…

I have a request… It is possible that in the next version of synfig you will be able to drag more then one layer in the Layers Panel? Because if you have more then one selected and start to drag it, you will end up with only the one that was under the cursor… It works through the Raise/Lower Buttons in the bottom, but you can’t reach the inside of an Inline Canvas doing like that (and some times I had to do it one by one)

OK! thats it! :wink:

Now it is possible. It is a bit tricky but it is possible.
CTRL or SHIFT select the layers you want to perform the drag drop operation BUT do not release the mouse when select the last one. Then release the keyboard controllers (SHIFT or CTRL) and start to drag. When drop you drop the selected layers.

Thank’s Genete, I didn’t know this either.
I couldn’t find this trick in the wiki so I added it;

Thanks rylleman!