Facing Issues while using Link to skeleton option

Hi Everyone,
I recently started exploring synfig software and I faced an issue that even after following all the steps my animated character is not linking to the skeleton structure.
Below are the pics


In pic you can see the character is not displaced even when i move skeleton. Is there anything I am doing wrong. Please help me !!

The skeleton structure I created

this is how I tried to link with the skeleton

It’s weird that it is not working for you.
Because apart from me completely forgetting that auto linking is a feature, it works fine for me both on the current development and the current stable release.

After clicking ‘Link to Skeleton’, do all control points stay highlighted or do they get deselected?
What happens when you select only one body part and use ‘Link to Bone’? Does it link then?

Also, for further trouble shooting: on which platform (operating system) are you and which version of Synig are you using?

Hi Estard,
Thank you for quick response.
All points stayed selected when I click on link to skeleton.
Using link to bone I am able to link but it’s little tricky for me.
I am using windows 64x OS

Well, when the points stay selected, they did not get linked… Unfortunately I don’t know what exactly could cause this, need to test some more.
In the mean time, to make it easier to select only parts you want to link to a bone, you can right click on a group layer, click ‘select all child layers’ and press ‘ctrl + a’ to select all control points. This can help when rigging a character by using ‘Link to Bone’