External plugin to write .sif

I have working in Synfig to create tamplates for simulating smoke, explosion, magic sparkles, etc
But I think to myself: why not create an script or plugin?
So, this question generate many others :frowning: :

The synfig scene description is an xml, but a diferent xml, right?
I have some knowledgement in Java, so my ideia is programing with it. I think: I must to create an synfig’s xml library that java can read e generate the synfig scene. Right? Where can I find the synfig’s xml reference doc?
I think it can be simple. An external plugin writing in java to generating .sif . And of course the .sif can be manipulated in Synfig Studio
What you think about? would be hard to create the library? JDON (jdom.org/index.html)
Could help it?

Hi hbarone,

It would be cool if you share them with the community :smiley:

That would be awesome!

Yes it is but cannot be sure of it is different from any other xml.

Unfortunately nobody has written Synfig’s file xml format specification yet. All information is in the source code. Check loadcanvas.cpp and savecanvas.cpp in the source code.

I have zero experience on xml library syntax so I don’t know if it would be hard or not.
it would be very useful for non expert users. Specially if it is generated using some sort of wizard that ask the user some properties and it generates the pre-made particle file.
I only can say that the syntax of synfig in the xml file does not explicitly needs all the values of each layer because when it is not found it uses the default one from the defined in the source code or in case of the canvases it uses the parent canvas value if the child canvas doesn’t define the parameter.
Good luck and count with my encouragement :slight_smile:


Well, I decided to do something simpler. I’m writing a Java class that print text output to generate an xml file that will open automatically the Synfig Studio after configured. Soon I’ll be building a library of objects in a parent class to be reused.
Of course the license is GPL, always! :smiley: