Extending Synfig

Hey, guys, After a while no news and reformulation of ideas we are presenting the project proposal to extend the Synfig.
The idea is an utility package. Initially being developed a graphical interface for synfig (command line). Second, I’m developing a library of models for simulating variouis types of effects. The scenes are being assembled to make it easy to modify sprites and color adjustments.

Below is a screen design module VFX Spider

The third tool that is already in development is a parser for .sif to html, css and jquery. The idea is to work only with image layers. Then all of synfig scene to export for web should be mounted with images. Example:

Why not use the parser to convert the synfig vectors to HTML5 canvas or SVG?
First because it would be very heavy work for browsers if we use vectors in complex animations. Second, because the development would be slower. So, I concluded it will be easy to adapt synfig tags and attributes for css. Then we have:
Synfig —> CSS

canvas width=“480” height=“270” —> div style="width:480px; height:270px
z-depth = “2” —> z-index: 2
active = “false” —> display: none

This is bloody amazing!

Freaking awesome!

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Thanks for sharing!

Looking forward for all of this…