Export to lottie


I am currently trying to export an animation through the lottie pluging.
I am working on : 1.3.13
Do I have to install the plugin first ? I went to github and created a python file file with the code I found,
than I create a pluging folder in .Confing/synfig and place the file int it.
But still, when I try to export, I got this windows :


Am I doing something wrong ? :s

Thank you !

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Your python installation has a missing dependecy: lxml library . If you use linux, the package name in Debian is python-lxml .


@rodolforg thanks for your quick answer !
So, I checked my package list and here is what I found :

See if your distro has a python3 specific version.

Maybe python3-lxml

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Great ! That worked :slight_smile:
Thank you so much !
Only thing now is that my animation is blank on lottie test file webpage :S
But I guess it’s normal :

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Lottie format does not support blur :frowning:


Unfortunately it does not :pensive:.
But Lottie format has now added support for blur layer😀 and hopefully it will be implemented this summer!