Export Synfig Animation into Jpeg Frames Possible?

Greetings all,

Well I am excited about this program, but am confused about the export formats. I want to create an animation in Synfig and then export each frame as an JPG or PNG file format. I have read threads about this topic, but I want to know is it possible to simply click save format and then you have an option to save your animation as JPG, or do I have to write some script and modify the actual code? :open_mouth:

My computer is in the shop otherwise I could experiment. Thank you in advance for your replies.


Exporting to png or jpeg is supported natively. You don’t have to do anything except make sure you use auto as the target and a png or jpg extension on the filename when you render. Try it, and post if you have any problems.


@ pixel geek Peace. Thank you so much for your response. I recently am trying animation software again and am excited. I appreciated your response very much. I apologize for the delay in recognizing your informative post.